Dressed to the nines and always ready to program, Boris Nadion combines his Fred Astaire moves with over twenty years of professional programming experience to get the job done, whatever it may be.

Boris started programming in 1992 and has been developing on the web with an assorted combination of programming languages ever since. Although his background is in storage technologies, file systems and reverse engineering, he specializes in Ruby, Rails, Javascript of all flavors, legacy coding and is a Photoshop master. If he was stranded on an island with a lifetime supply of beer and only one programming language to code with, no doubt he would pick Ruby.

Boris founded Astrails with his two friends, Michael and Vitaly. When he isn’t working, Boris enjoys listening to jazz and beating Michael at tennis.

Presentations by Boris Nadion:

  • Rails Israel Conference, Monday, November 12, 2012, 13:30

    Convention over configuration, DRY, Rails opinionated approach do a great job freeing developers from repetitive, mind numbing rituals.

    Still there are decisions that should be made over and over again.
    Let's talk about some of them that probably could have been
    generalized as well.

    We don't have all the answers but we definetely have some questions. 

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