Gary Levitt

Gary Levitt

Founder Co-Founder

Mad Mimi

Before founding Mad Mimi, Gary Levitt was a skateboard pro, a jazz bass player in New York City, and composer of music for Oprah Winfrey.

He has a degree from Berklee College of Music, Boston, and currently functions as Mad Mimi's CEO and interaction designer.

He is responsible for all of Mad Mimi's product design, user experience and remote direction of a 30+ employee team.

Presentations by Gary Levitt:

  • Devcon June Conference, Thursday, June 20, 2013, 12:00

    Good customer service is about getting the basics right. Excellent customer service, however, goes beyond the basics and can greatly differentiate you from your competition. One simple way to do this is to perfect "the follow-up."

    By follow-up, I mean the email you, or your customer-service team, send to a customer after a transaction takes place. That transaction may be a customer support solution, a product or services inquiry, feedback, or any other type of communication. Not every type of follow-up is right for every situation or for every business. I'll be talking about 6 types of "follow-up" emails that generate good vibes that get shared on social networks.


    Mad Mimi's growth can be attributed to both product and a unique customer service strategy, rather than a reliance on traditional marketing or advertising.

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