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Rails Related Talks


Raphael Fogel
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Ruby is now almost two decades old. It has become a very mature language. The developers who have been using Ruby are a lot more experienced now. Our community has long since crossed the chasm and we are in the... Read More



What will happen when microcontrollers are embedded everywhere? What revolutions will we experience when the things around us are no longer insulated, but are instead a conduit for the free flow of the... Read More


Some products on the web are successful. Some not. Some products are great, some fall short of greatness. Some visionary-developer relationships are inspired partnerships, and some are uninspired and... Read More
Gary Levitt


Ruby is the most flexible language out there, imposing no limitations on the developers, giving all the expressiveness possible. Or so we think. But there are languages pushing dynamic features and expressiveness... Read More


Rails is considered a secure web application platform and has a fairly good protection against common web application attacks. Still, if you don't follow the Rails way, you may easily expose your application to... Read More
Uri Nativ


Heroku has deployed over a million web apps. When you've run that many applications, it's hard not to notice when frameworks and developers do things wrong, and when they do them right. 

We've taken a look at... Read More
Richard Schneeman


Rails performance is a complicated topic. There are many levers to pull,
buttons to push and knobs to turn.

What is performance and how is it different from scalability? Why performance
matters? When it... Read More



We've all encountered them - the fat controllers.The huge monstrosities that handle everything in your project and a bit more.

But it doesn't have to be like that, clean controllers exist - and you can... Read More
Yonatan Bergman



Resque has been plagued by issues over the past half a year due to inactivity on the project. For instance, resque doesn't handle the cleaning up workers on distributed systems like Heroku. This issue... Read More
Terence Lee


There are many approaches to testing server and client library APIs - various tradeoffs, problems that come up, etc. Some are obvious, some are a little more tricky. I'll run through some approaches.


The operative side of large scale SAAS web company is very challenging. Modern web applications are highly distributed, use multiple platforms and technologies, and built out of many independent asynchronous... Read More
Eran Barak Levi


This talk is a tour of the development process inside GitHub. It’ll cover how GitHub builds software, from idea to production. We'll go over high level philosophies of software development, then dive into what... Read More


Ruby on Rails is a great framework for quickly building complex web applications.
It's easy to get started, and it's easy to keep adding
new features. But what happens when your creation gets too large? ... Read More
Jacob Burkhart



While all the other speakers will talk about the strength and greatness of Rails, Arik will try to convince you why not to use it and to remind you that it's Rails on Ruby and not Ruby on Rails.

Arik Fraimovich


Convention over configuration, DRY, Rails opinionated approach do a great job freeing developers from repetitive, mind numbing rituals.

Still there are decisions that should be made over and over... Read More


Single page apps are all the rage - apps that use MVC JavaScript frameworks and a simple REST based API on the server side (if at all) to persists data are popping up all over the place and are especially popular... Read More


Avi Tzurel


Rails is a great framework, and makes it possible to create complex, exciting, reliable Web applications in a short period of time.  I'll describe some common traps that new Rails developers fall into , making... Read More
Reuven M. Lerner


Practical, day-to-day tips that will help you write more robust specs. Especially for newcomers to TDD, brittle tests are a big problem, but RSpec and common sense can go a long way to remedy that!
Aviv Ben-Yosef


One of the recent rising problems for independent web developers is project planning and misunderstandings with clients. In a brief discussion, Adv. Jonathan Klinger will present some recent disputes that were... Read More


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